17-18 September 2016 Approved

Further to conversations with Henley Council, HRR and British Rowing we are planning forĀ 17-18 September 2016.

We’re in full steam ahead with 10 x teams submitted including Schools, Universities and Clubs with a particular interesting type of boat from the Clevedon Pilot Gig club. The Cornish Pilot Gig boats have been around since the 1800’s and will be a great sight at Henley Revival.

Submit your entries to

One thought on “17-18 September 2016 Approved”

  1. 3 thoughts – and apologies if you’re already running with them –

    An article in Rowing Magazine selling the event would be good – everyone’s filling their diaries for the year and you want trad-fans not to miss this one

    Have you thought of trying to get skiff-club members involved? It would be a great way of raising skiffing’s profile. Most of us know very little about either their racing or the wooden boats they race in.

    Lastly, I see you are inviting entries, but shouldn’t you be putting together a poster on Regatta-lines giving at least an idea of the events you are inviting?

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