Planning Update

We have had a good first week of planning, with the following updates:

Jeff Elms, British Rowing – Contacted HRR, Women’s Henley and National Rowing who are keen on the idea. James Lee from Thames Region will be in contact.

Daniel Grist, HRR – General interest and suggested speaking to British Rowing (see above).

Mike Kennedy, Henley Council – In terms of promoting Henley and generating further visitor attractions, great idea.

David Currie, Shiplake College Head of Rowing РInterested in the idea and passed to Alumni  for consideration.


We need Schools and Universities interested to advise us.

Looking for Schools, Universities, Boat Clubs etc who have wooden eights and fours that we could use.

Contact Р


3 thoughts on “Planning Update”

  1. I have been made aware of your Henley Revival project today. I am the proud owner and operator of a 1976 vintage Colley 1x ( with clogs ) and a pair of Sutton spoons which still compete on occasion ( last event in Avon County Head as Masters F ) . I would be most grateful if you could keep me informed about the ptoject and would like to support it if I possibly can.


    Mike Jones – Ross RC

    1. Hi Mike,
      Apologies for the delay and just sent you an email.
      Yes we would love to have you onboard!

  2. Very pleased to see this project is moving forwards!
    Any chance of one or two small-boats events being fitted into the plan ? Am sure there are a number of traditional singles and doubles owners out there who would like to turn up and support with our much-loved antiques!
    ( Would also show off the wide range of boats and blades for the more historically minded )
    Mike – Ross RC

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